About Us

Mutty - Changing the World one Toy at a Time

Here at Mutty we believe that the pet industry is lacking in many areas.  Go into a pet store and you will see all the same type of toys, generic colors (neon orange, blue, yellow, green), toys made with unsafe materials in China, toys that stink of rubber like a new tire. 

We decided to do our part and try to change the industry. 

One Meal Donated for Every Toy

We are first and foremost a company dedicated to giving back to our local non profit shelters.  For every toy purchased we donate the equivalent of one meal to a local anima shelter.  We believe that we can create a great company while also bettering the world around us. 

Every Dog Toy Made Here in the USA

We only work with US manufacturers to design and produce our products.  We will never work with offshore manufacturers to make products, unlike most every other dog toy manufacturer.  We believe in only working with the safest and best manufacturing partners both for our and our customers peace of mind.  Sure, it costs us more (because our manufacturers actually pay their workers living wages), but its worth it to us.

Food Safe Materials and Products Independently Tested

Have you ever checked into what materials are being used in your Dog's toys?  Are they even safe for chewing on?  There are zero rules or regulations on what companies can make dog toys out of, so they dont have to disclose anything about their materials or testing procedures.  In fact many use toxic materials to help make their toys "tougher".  Here at Mutty we only use Food Safe Materials (deemed food safe by the FDA) and complete 3rd party testing on all our products.  Our testing procedures are the same used on baby teethers to ensure that our products are the safest possible for your pets.